Developer Practices - Non Technical 2017

Practice makes a Man Perfect
As a developer, we will have a day to day tasks and milestone deliveries to accomplish. Apart from the technical task, there are some additional things we can do along with our daily routine and improve ourselves
Reading Reading is one of the excellent habits, As a developer, you should utilize the reading to get some useful information

Every day before starting your programming task, spend some time to update yourself with latest features, updates, releases from your platform Subscribe and get notified about the deprecations, updates and new version releases etc Read the Article/Magazines from various reputed authors/websites Learn the new approach and solutions from the source code of others like Seniors, Team Leads or the Experts from the websites like Github, StackOverflow etc
Productivity Being the good developer, Time management is very important quality for us
Prioritize your work as High, Medium and Low for the day Plan and schedule the task for the day, wee…

Client Call Guidelines for Developers

Since  the first impression with the Clients plays a major role nowadays in this competitive world to get the project and also managing client until completion of the project is an efficient process

Thus, I shared  the Client Meeting Guidelines which explains the basic planning things to follow and I hope it may help the people to be prepared for the meeting without any chaos.
Basic Planning

Mail a day before the Meeting to everyone who involved in the project like developers, designers and testers Assemble 10 minutes before the Meeting Time committed with client Make sure the meeting place is calm, decent light and perfect to start the meeting Make sure the agenda, required project related docs and emails were accessible to use Have the Credentials for the communication media like Skype, Team Viewer etc Check the communication accessories are working properly Have pen and scribbling pad with you to note each and every points discussed Make sure the required people are assembled on or before th…

Android App Delivery Checklist 2017

Hi All,

I have shared the Android App Delivery Checklist for the Developers. The checklist items are gathered from the experience of my Android career.

Basic Checklist
Must satisfy the Client requirement and the changes committed Make sure all the web services are pointing to correct web server or Backend Check the Version code and Version name was updated properly Check the app is working fine in both Wi-Fi and Mobile data connections Make sure the app is working on most of the devices and versions (available with you) Run the Automation Test which was captured earlier and make sure overall functionalities are working fine Make sure that everyone who involved in the project is aware of the delivery
Technical Checklist Check the Manifest and Gradle file twice and remove unwanted data/dependencies Apply Inspect source from Android Studio find unnecessary things and remove from the source code like Logs, unused imports, resources etc Measure our app with Low configuration/situation like Low Intern…

Android Syllabus 2014

Android Syllabus
Introduction to Android?
Android History Overview
Android Version Evolution
Android Architecture brief
IDE and Setup Environment
Android App Development Design and views Enable action for views Android manifest
Project Structure Source Resource Manifest