Android Hidden Facts

  Hidden Facts and Predictions about Android Is Revealed

Are you using Android phone?

 Now it’s the time to know more about this top gadget from Google, and you can use it as reference.

1. Android is not Google’s original idea. It was developed by Andy Rubin and Rich Miner, who then sell it to Google for $50 million.

2. In early days of development, Android developed by a consortium build from 34 companies, such as T-Mobile, Qualcomm, HTC, and Intel.

3. Android users are mostly man. A survey says the majority of Android users are male. Why women rarely use it?

4. Android phones in the U.S. are sold rapidly. Based on a survey, the number of Android phone buyers in the U.S. exceeds BlackBerry and iPhone buyers. Android got rapid gains in U.S. market share.

5. In the next three years, it is predicted that Android phone would lead the smartphone market with Symbian. It is estimated that Android is gaining about 25 percent of the smartphone market.

6. One advantage of Android is its capability of multitasking. You don’t need to worry about activating multiple applications at the same time.

7. Android is very easy to customize. You can customize it as you wish. This is a smartphone that understands you.


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