Android Emulator Shortcuts

                        Android Simple Emulator Shortcuts  

  Here i post some of the useful android emulator shortcuts.
 Use this shortcuts,it makes you perfect android developer.

Main Device Keys

Home                 Home Button
F2 Left Softkey / Menu / Settings button (or page up)
Shift+f2 Right Softkey / Star button (or page down)
Esc Back Button
F3 Call/ dial Button
F4 Hang up / end call button
F5 Search Button

Other Device Keys

Ctrl+F5               Volume up (or + on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off)
Ctrl+F6 Volume down (or + on numeric keyboard with Num Lock off)
f7 Power Button
Ctrl+F3 Camera Button
Ctrl+F11 Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape backwards
Ctrl+F12 Switch layout orientation portrait/landscape forwards
F8 Toggle cell network
F9 Toggle code profiling
Alt+Enter Toggle fullscreen mode
F6 Toggle trackball mode


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